Beautiful figure. Program for women

How much does a figure cost? The fee for a good figure is not so high. No more than 3 hours a week.

Men train with iron for a long time – an hour, or even one and a half. They tend to increase muscle. Women have a different goal. They need to maintain a high muscle tone.

beautiful figureFor this, a lot of time is not needed. Moreover, it takes very little time – not more than half an hour.

Men train with large weights, rest for a long time between sets Buy Oral Steroids. And then they do not need an example. In women, everything is completely different. Even exercises.

The fact is that men consistently load each muscle with narrowly focused exercises. If you need high muscle tone, such exercises do not suit you. You need the so-called. “Combinations”.

So the movements consisting of two exercises, performed simultaneously, are called movements without a second of rest. The activating effect of such movements is huge, as they load several muscles at once.

Men train muscles on different days. Today – the chest, the back – tomorrow, the day after tomorrow – the legs … And this also does not suit us. Women must train the whole body.

A set of exercises is offered that will allow us to save time Human figure (aesthetics), without giving up the result.

Train 2 times a week. If you want, 3 times, but not more often. Between workouts rest at least a day.

Aerobics – the basis of a slender figure

Cardio-loads are needed for every woman, even slender. Cardio saves the heart from age-related changes, lowers blood pressure, improves mood. Can not find time for cardio? Here are some tips to help.

1. In the fitness club. Any strength training begins with a warm-up, and ends with a hitch. A warm-up is needed to warm up the muscles, and a hitch – to calm the heart.

Instead of physical exercises, stand on the cardio simulator. Spend 10 minutes on it, speeding up the pace. This is your workout. After training, spend another 10-minute cardio session, slowing down the speed of movement.

2. Jogging. There is nothing better than jogging in the fresh air.

When to run? In the morning? In the evening? When I have time! Half an hour of running is enough. If there is no place to run, store it on a home bicycle ergometer. It is convenient in its own way. You can twist the pedals while watching your favorite TV series. How many times a week to train? Not more than 3-4 times.

And now let’s count. Even with the most intensive schedule, you will spend on strength training for not more than one and a half hours and another one and a half to two hours – on cardio. Do you think this is a high price for a good figure?

Complex program for women

Be sure to do warm-up and hitch.

Lifting on a support + Alternating lifting of dumbbells 2 12-15
Drops + Rise on the biceps 2 12-15
Static Rod + Rod Press 2 12-15
Deadlift + Rod rod to belt in slope 2 12-15
Traction of dumbbells in slope + Slanting of arms in slope 2 12-15
Back torsion 2 12-15

Perform each combination twice. Choose a weight that will allow you to do in the most difficult exercise a combination of 12-15 repetitions. Between combinations, rest for exactly a minute.

Lifting to the support

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