Bodybuilding program for beginners

Take into account that bodybuilding can not be understood overnight, as well as many other things. For example, mathematics. A lot of copies are broken around the ways of teaching this subject, however all teachers agree in one: it is necessary to start with the simplest actions.

Here you also need to master the trio of unpretentious strength exercises: bench press, squats and deadlifts.

bodybuilding for beginnersThere were times when beginners in our sport tried to protect themselves from troublesome work with the bar. Started with the simulators and a pair of light dumbbells.

However, time has shown that beginners who have not undergone severe hardening, all as one remain in bodybuilding outsiders. Thus, the answer to the most painful question of our sport was received: why not every amateur manages to pump up a record musculature? It turns out that many just failed to take the right start …

So, we offer you the only true strength training program for beginners, which will bring a strong neurophysiological foundation to your desire to acquire mighty musculature.

The program guarantees fast and profound changes in all life support systems of the Buy Post Cycle Therapy body, including your heart, blood, breathing, hormonal metabolism and nutrient absorption. You will be amazed at how soon the system will save you from a typical short-term dyspnea and endow you with an indefatigable athletic form!

However, much more will be surprised by others. After all, the unmistakable program of training in our sport means a rocket gain in muscle.

That’s you in a couple of months is unlikely to be able to find out. And do not react to absurd accusations that you, they say, from the first day they sat down on steroids. We know something with you: from the very beginning you took up the “right” bodybuilding! ..

Warm up for beginners bodybuilders

You will train 3 times a week for the same set of 3 head exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift.

Following these movements, you should also perform additional exercises. The list changes from training to training.

Remember that the so-called “basic three” are the main exercises of the complex. These movements need to be carried out with the utmost dedication.

First of all, together with your partner insure you find out with what weight you are able to do in each of the basic exercises 10 repetitions to “failure” (i.e., to the total inability of the muscles to do another repetition.)

This weight is considered to be the starting point for calculating the warm-up pattern for each exercise from the base three.

So, here’s the repetition scheme:

1 set – 5 repetitions with an “empty” neck,

2 sets – 4 reps with a weight equal to 15-20% of your 10RM,

3 sets – 5 repetitions with a weight equal to 15-20% of 10RM,

4 sets – 4 repetitions with a weight of 30-40% of 10RM,

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5 sets – 3 reps with a weight of 45-60% of 10RM,

6 sets – 2 repetitions with a weight of 60-75% of 10RM,

7 sets – 1 repetition with a weight of 90% of 10RM.

RM – one-time maximum.

After this “warm-up” you have to perform 3 working sets for 5 repetitions. It is worth emphasizing that in fact it is a complete system of 10 sets, which provides a deep adaptation to heavy power work and, in addition, perfectly grows muscle mass!

Additional exercises require only one working set of 8-10 repetitions. Each such set precedes a warm-up set of 5 repetitions with a weight equal to 75% of your working weight in this exercise.

Training program for beginners
cycle 1 week 1-4

Before the start of training, find out with what weight you are able to do 10 repetitions in the set before the “failure.” Use this weight to calculate the warm-up pattern from 7 sets.

After completing the training week, the initial weight (for 10 repetitions) in squats and deadlifts should be increased by 5 kg and in the bench press, by 2.5 kg. Next, you need to calculate the warm-up scheme again.

Thus, your warm-up sets will be “heavy” from week to week.

Then there are 3 working sets for 5 repetitions. In this case, you must apply a weight with which you can perform 6-8 repetitions. Provided that the sets you will break for 1-2 repetitions before the “failure.”

Remember, “refusals” under complete prohibition! Even in extra exercises! And here it is necessary to stop the set for 1-2 repetitions before the “failure”!

Between work sets rest 90 seconds.

1 Squats 3 5
The bench press 3 5
Deadlift 2 5
Inclined press of dumbbells 1 8-10
Thrust dumbbells with one hand in slope 1 8-10 per hand
“Board” 2 30 seconds
2 Squats 3 5
The bench press 3 5
Deadlift 2 5
Pull-ups 1 8-10
Press of dumbbells 1 8-10
Biceps Lifts 1 8-10
3 Squats 3 5
The bench press 3 5
Deadlift 2 5
Squats with weight above the head 1 8-10
Romanian deadlift 1 8-10
“Board” sideways 2 30s. on the side

Before each of the three main exercises, perform 7 warm-up sets.

Training program for beginners
cycle 2 weeks 5-8

Continue to further increase the calculated weight for warm-up sets, adding 5 kg in squats and deadlifts and 2.5 kg in bench press. If the warm-up sets are too difficult for you, trim the weekly increase by half.

As for the three main sets, then, despite the obvious increase in your strength, you do not need to add weight. The secret is not how much you can squeeze a prone or with what weight you can sit down. The system works as a single set of 10 sets, of which the first 7 sets are only conditionally called warm-ups.

Between working sets, still rest 90 seconds.

Before each of the three main exercises, perform 7 warm-up sets.

The main rule is MORE CALORIES!

Rest between training should last at least 48 hours. This time is necessary for your body to learn a high-calorie diet, which is mandatory for this training program .

You should receive about 40 calories per kilogram of body weight per day. This is a large amount of food, which will have to be divided into 5-6 receptions. About 40-50% of all calories should account for carbohydrates, 25-30% for protein and 20-30% for fats.

According to the experimental data, applying this training program, beginners add about 6-8 kg of muscle mass at the end of the final cycle. Weekly increase in recent weeks is at least 1 kg of “dry” muscles.

If you do not grow at this rate, then the calorie content of your food is too small. Add to your daily menu at least 300 additional calories due to protein and fat.

Special exercises
for the implementation of the program for beginners


Purpose: Deltoid muscles

Execution: Stand upright, keeping dumbbells at your shoulders with a neutral grip. Set your legs apart shoulder width apart. Keep your head “in line” with a straight backbone. With a powerful effort, squeeze both dumbbells into straight hands. Without pause, under control, return the dumbbells to the starting position.


Purpose: Quadriceps, total body strength

Fulfillment: Stand up straight and place your legs wider than your shoulders. Socks spread apart to strengthen the rack. The barbell should be held at the hips by a wide grip. With a powerful effort, lift the bar up and lock it on your right hands over your head. In the spirit of a weightlifting jerk, descend into a squat and powerfully straighten out. Do all the prescribed repetitions by holding the bar above your head.


Purpose: Static force of the press

Fulfillment: Take the position of the stop on the floor on the bent elbows and foot socks. Body completely straighten out and keep on weight. Hold the pose for a set time, not allowing the pelvis to “sag”.

60sec !!! When you can hold a static posture for a minute, add the number of sets in the exercise.


Purpose: Static force of the press

Execution: Take the position of the lateral stop on the arm bent at the elbow. Draw the other hand along the body. Body completely straighten out and keep on weight. Do not tilt your head. Hold the pose for a set time, not allowing the pelvis to “sag”.

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