Cycle of growth hormone

This cycle of human growth hormone is designed to help novice athletes to obtain a prominent figure. Dosages and combinations are taken from the scientific literature, they are systematically used by athletes of various sports in practice and are recognized as the most effective and rational.

Who are these growth hormone cycles for?

Growth hormone can be used by both men and women over the age of 20 years (younger people may experience asymmetrical bone development) to enhance muscle relief. The total mass increases slightly, this occurs as a result of large losses of fat.

Side effects during and after the cycle are practically not observed, all of them are usually reversible.

The cycle is contraindicated for people with diabetes (growth hormone increases the amount of glucose in the blood), should be used with caution in arterial hypertension (growth hormone may increase it). Before using the drug, you should consult your doctor.

Growth hormone preparations:

  • Jintropin (Jintropin) – the most popular drug of growth hormone
  • Ansomone
  • Getropin (Getropin)
  • Dinatrope (Dynatrope)
  • Bluetooth (Blue Tops)
  • Neotropin (Neotropin)
  • Hygetropin (Hygetropin)
  • Kigtropin (Kigtropin)

Cycle No. 1: Growth Hormone

Purpose: Reaching the relief, in the presence of sufficient muscle mass. The effect of rejuvenation, increased muscle elasticity, improved skin properties.

  • The cycle begins with 5 units every day (it is enough to put it once a day, a high frequency has no advantages), injections subcutaneously.
  • In the second or third week, in the absence of side effects, you can increase the dosage to 10 units per day divided into two injections. Large doses are not recommended. Administration time: best on an empty stomach (about 0.5-1 hour before meals, when glucose levels are minimal) in the first half of the day. As a rule, the first injection is performed immediately after sleep. Also, the optimal time after training.
  • The optimal duration of the growth hormone cycle is 3-6 months. With a shorter cycle, the results are not always impressive, a longer cycle is not recommended due to the occurrence of tolerance (antibodies that bind growth hormone are produced), signs of acromegaly and some other side effects may occur.
  • The drug can suppress thyroid function, it can reduce the results, therefore it is recommended to include in the cycle of thyroxine at a dose of 25 mcg per day, throughout the cycle. This will increase the safety and effectiveness of the cycle (thyroxine has a powerful fat-burning effect).
  • If you want to add muscle mass, then quick-acting insulin at 10 units per day should be included in the cycle. Growth hormone and insulin are antagonist hormones, therefore, during the growth hormone cycle, the body produces insufficient insulin. Adding insulin to the cycle will increase the anabolic activity of growth hormone. Instead of insulin, many recommend the use of metformin.
  • Take a set of sports nutrition for relief, do 2-3 weight training and 2-3 aerobic workouts per week.

Cycle: HGH + Steroids

Goal: Achieve relief and gain muscle mass. The effect of rejuvenation, increased muscle elasticity, improved skin properties.

  • Take cycle No. 1 as the basis
  • Include anabolic steroids. Growth hormone is best combined with steroids such as Testosterone enanthate at a dose of 250-500 mg per week or Sustanon 250at the same dose or Boldenone at a dose of 400 mg per week. Anabolic steroids are usually administered over a period of 8 weeks. Read the best steroid cycles in more detail.. These drugs will increase your weight due to pronounced muscle growth and simultaneous burning of fat. Some athletes agree that this cycle is one of the most powerful due to the synergistic effect, while the combination of steroids and growth hormone is quite safe for health, because these groups of drugs have different mechanisms of action, which allows them to be used in moderate doses. without causing disturbances in hormonal metabolism. After taking anabolic steroids, PCT is necessary.
  • If relief is of utmost importance to you, use Anavar(30-50 mg per day, every day) or Winstrol (30 mg per day, every day), instead of the steroids listed in the previous paragraph. These drugs have a lower ability to stimulate muscle growth, but are much better suited for burning excess fat and obtaining dense muscle relief.
  • Follow a diet – Diet for gaining muscle mass and exercise according to a special program – Features training with steroids.

An alternative solution is the use of growth hormone immediately after a cycle of anabolic steroids (both for weight and for drying). This allows you to preserve muscle mass and maximize relief.

Cycle: Growth Hormone + Fat Burners

Effect: Burning fat to create a sculpted figure. The effect of rejuvenation, increased muscle elasticity, improved skin properties.

  • Take cycle No. 1 as the basis
  • Include Thyroxinein a dose of 100 – 200 mcg per day, divided into 3 doses: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening until 18:00. In this amount, thyroxine has a pronounced fat-burning effect, large doses are not recommended, since this is a high risk of side effects, and muscle destruction also begins to prevail. The dose of thyroxine should be titrated: start with 50 mcg per day, then increase the dose by 25 mcg every other day until you reach the recommended dose. If side effects occur, reduce the thyroxine dose. Take thyroxine for no more than 1 month, then gradually reduce the dose by 25 mcg every other day until completely withdrawn.
  • Clenbuteroland Ephedrine can serve as alternative components of the complex . These drugs significantly speed up the process of burning fat, but at the same time increase the risk of side effects.

To make the cycle as effective as possible, you need to:

  • Follow a diet. The calorie content of the diet is average (in which in the normal state you do not gain weight and do not lose weight). Reduce your intake of fast carbohydrates and fats. Take at least 250 g of protein per day. Drink more fluids.
  • Perform 1-2 strength training per week in a split program, as well as 2-4 aerobic workouts lasting at least 1 hour.

How to breed growth hormone

Growth hormone can only be in the form of a freeze-dried powder. The amount of powder should be indicated on the ampoule. The amount can be indicated either in units (units) or in milligrams (mg). If the quantity is indicated in milligrams, then it can be converted into units using the formula 1 mg = ~ 3 units. (more precisely, 1 mg = 2.7 units). In our descriptions, we will use the formula 1 mg = 3 units, because it is this formula that is used by most manufacturers of the drug.


  • Take a cotton ball, soak it in alcohol and wipe it with the capsules of the ampoule with HGH and the ampoule with the liquid that you will dilute the powder (bactericidal water, sterile water or vitamin B12).
  • Take a 3 ”syringe with a 1” or 1.5 ”diameter needle, put the needle on the syringe and draw in the required amount of liquid to dilute the powder. The amount doesn’t really matter, just make sure you remember exactly how much fluid you used. The main rule is to use such an amount of liquid that makes it easy to take measurements of the finished solution. For example: if you take 1ml (cube) of liquid per 10 units. growth hormone powder, every 10 marks on the scale on a syringe like U100 will be 1 unit. growth hormone. If you take 2ml of liquid per 10 units. growth hormone powder, every 20 marks on the scale on a syringe like U100 will be 1 unit. growth hormone. If you take 3ml of liquid per 10 units. growth hormone powder, every 30 marks on the scale on a U100 syringe will equal 1 unit. growth hormone.
  • Take the syringe into which you collected the dilution liquid and inject it into the freeze-dried powder at such an angle that the needle touches the wall of the ampoule and the liquid does not flow out of the needle onto the powder, but flows down the wall of the ampoule. Take your time, inject liquid slowly, gradually.
  • When all dilution liquid is added to the growth hormone powder, gently twist the vial (DO NOT shake the vial with force) until the sublimated powder is completely dissolved. In the ampoule, after dilution, a clear liquid should be obtained. Growth hormone can be used. After dilution, Store HGH in the refrigerator. If you used bactericidal water to dilute growth hormone, then the drug can be used for three weeks. If you used sterile water, then the drug can be used within 5 days (many manufacturers claim 72 hours).

How to make growth hormone injections

  • Wash your hands with soap;
  • Take the drug into an insulin syringe
  • Gather the skin with your left hand in a crease on your stomach.
  • Insert the needle at an angle of 45 * parallel to the crease
  • Enter the drug and take out the needle
  • Do not inject in the same place

The injection site is not necessary to handle when using insulin syringes, these are the recommendations of doctors. The puncture is not too large for the infection to get.

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