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10 mL vial (50 mg/mL)


Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)


Stanazolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, but due to changes in its chemical. composition, androgenic activity decreased to the very minimum, which can not be said about the anabolic effect. Winstrol 50 for sale can very strongly stimulate anabolic processes in the body, inhibiting the catabolic induced by glucocorticoids. This is the process of preventing muscle breakdown (anti-catabolism).

Due to its low androgenic activity, stanazolol cannot aromatize. Thus, estrogenic side effects are excluded, there is no need to take anti-estrogens and aromatase inhibitors. buy ephedrine

Course and dosage

Dosages of injectable stanazolol, as a rule, are the same for all athletes. 50-100 mg every other day or every day, it all depends on what effect this steroid will produce on the body. The total duration of the course is usually 5-6 weeks.

Depending on the goals of the athlete, stanazolol can be successfully combined with most anabolic steroids. For example, for a qualitative increase in dry weight, you can take Stromba with Trenbolone Acetate , Anavar and Turinabol .

Side effects

Injectable Winstrol, one of the safest anabolic steroids! The only side effect is, as usual, the suppression of the production of one’s own testosterone, which is accompanied by a decrease in libido during the course. Therefore, it is advisable during the course to administer Pregnil every week at a dose of 500 units, once a week, starting from the second and ending with the second week after the end of the course.