More hormones for muscle growth

Do you know what makes muscles grow ? That’s right, anabolic hormones. Let’s enumerate: testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and human growth hormone for sale. So, from the point of view of any physician, training with “iron” is a labor-intensive method of influencing your own hormonal system, in order to “squeeze out” of it more “growth” hormones. Actually, so it is. Think about it, our body has only one way out: in response to athletic pressure to raise the secretion of all anabolic hormones. An active influx of hormones into the muscles will cause muscle tissue to grow, muscles will become larger, and therefore stronger.

Meanwhile, physical exercises are not the only way to stimulate the work of the hormonal glands.

There are other methods. In particular, a special diet, nutritional supplements and a full-fledged sleep. If you combine all these “growth factors”, then the set of muscle mass, of course, will quickly accelerate. Before you, specific advice about the main anabolic hormones.


human growth hormone for sale

human growth hormone for sale

This hormone has the greatest “growth” potential. The only problem is that it is secretly affected by a lot of factors, and all for the worse. Here, and poor nutrition, and disturbances in the rhythm of “sleep-wakefulness,” nervous overload, psychological stress, harmful ecology, unsuccessful genetics, etc.

So, if you take a selective measure of testosterone levels in different heaveings, you will get a huge range of values: from 1200 nanograms per deciliter of blood (great!) To 300 nanograms (sad!). By the way, a high level of testosterone is observed today only in units. Well, in order to “grow”, this hormone needs a lot, a lot …

How to increase the secretion of testosterone?

Yes, it’s very simple – eat more fat! The secret is that fats are direct raw materials for the “production” of testosterone. When they are not enough, testosterone, of course, “do” nothing. So it turns out that a bodybuilder who “cuts” fatty calories for the sake of muscle “relief”, beats himself at the most painful place! And do not even think to argue! All this has been tested and tested a thousand times by science! The same vegetarians chronically suffer from a low level of testosterone, and transplant them to a fat meat diet, and all again become full-fledged muzhiks.

It is worth emphasizing that in the case of a deficiency of fat, no most proper diet helps . Scientists planted a roll on the diet with an ideal ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, but the level of testosterone remained ultra-low, until the diet was not added in a good way fat. In the end, it was accurately determined that the peak content of its “native” testosterone kachok has at 30% fat in its daily menu. And if he is not very lucky with genetics, then there is a reason to add another 10%! In short, 40% is already a firm guarantee of full order with testosterone.

And what will happen if you “pump in” more fat in yourself? But nothing! The level of testosterone, on the contrary, will go down.

Everyone knows that there are fats “healthy” and “unhealthy”. However, in reality, the situation is muddy. On the label often write one, well, inside it is quite another. How to be? Experts advise that: a minimum of fat in ordinary dishes, but in the morning you pour into yourself a couple of spoons of linseed or hemp oil. Plus, you buy in the pharmacy capsules with fats “omega-3” and two times a week “skip” a portion of a fairly fatty salmon. But! Do not even look in the direction of canned fish in oil. The oil there is not “fish”, but the cheapest, refined.

Growth Hormone (GH)

This hormone is a brutal thing in the sense of anabolism. Suffice it to recall how the growth of adolescents is gaining: a month or two, and human growth hormone for sale they are no longer recognizable. Pitching, making injections of synthetic GH confirm: “Preth! And how! “Maybe you should get hooked! In no case! Growth hormone does not disassemble and grow everything. Yes, you will add in the muscles, but at the same time your cartilages will grow. Well, imagine the ears of size 45! Or huge knotted brushes, like Dracula’s! By the way, our lower jaw is suspended on thick cartilaginous ligaments, which especially “like” to grow from growth hormone. So, if the face of the guy resembles the head of a flattened nail (huge jaws and massive jawbone of the pithecanthropus), it is immediately clear: he touched from the GR.

What conclusion? It is better to “rest” in natural methods: the body does not harm itself human growth hormone wiki. The most wonderful thing is to have a good night’s sleep. The first release of GH occurs 30-40 minutes after falling asleep, and then pulsations are repeated every two to three hours. It’s great to lie down in the afternoon – for an hour. To have time to take a one-time release of GR.

The second method is the use of amino acid stimulants. In the first place here – arginine in the company with lysine. Take one and a half grams of both at the same time. If half an hour later the pleasant warmth and drowsiness spread over the body, then it worked. No? Add a little dose.

A similar action has an amino acid ornithine – from 3 to 12 years at a time (you can poprinimat along with arginine and lysine).

The last surprise of science is the amino acid glutamine. Previously, it somehow never occurred to anyone to check it from the “hormonal” point of view. And then it turned out that only 2 g of glutamine, dissolved in ordinary coca-cola, give a particularly powerful release of GR.

And what if to replace glutamine with its deshovym amino acid counterpart – glutamic acid? Alas, no sense!

Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1)

This hormone is not so well studied by medicine, however, there is real evidence that the strength of anabolism IGF-1 far exceeds testosterone. Those pitching, who took sports supplements with this hormone for a long time, cry with bitter tears. He grows everything, but for some reason he has a special predilection for the intestines. The guts become larger and thicker. As a result, the figure skating becomes a typical beer belly.

In short, healthy methods of stimulating IGF-1 secretion due to the same nutrition are much more useful here. The peak hormone secretion is observed when taking 2 g of protein per kilogram of your own weight. You will eat less, you will receive less IGF-1.

Better if the protein is an animal: from milk, eggs, chicken, beef, fish. An excellent source of protein is whey protein powder . If you have money, poprinimayte free amino acids.

Between the protein content in your diet and the secretion of IGF-1 is a direct link. And if so, then here’s your rule: when you sit on a diet and cut the total number of calories, do not touch the squirrels. Otherwise, the secretion of IGF-1 will collapse, and your muscles will stop responding to training.

On the other hand, it is impossible to touch the protein. Extra protein for the body is poison. The liver, kidneys suffer, and moreover, the production of testosterone is falling. The maximum single dose of protein – 30-35 g. Eat more, do not get anything but harm.


With him the most difficult. In theory, insulin “imports” into the muscles of glucose – the “living” energy of muscle cells. It would seem that more insulin – more energy. But no, the cells are not ready to take insulin as long as they want. And then the excess plays a very bad role – it turns blood glucose into subcutaneous fat.

It is common knowledge that insulin causes carbohydrates to be secreted. If you think that the more carbohydrates, the more insulin, you are mistaken. It’s all about the “quality” of carbohydrates. Sweets force to erupt directly waterfalls of insulin. But oatmeal, no matter how much you eat it, causes a weak insulin secretion. Hence the conclusion: when your energy is exhausted to the limit (say, after training or at the end of the working day), it is better to take “sweet” carbohydrates. But at other times it is better to prefer sweets to “moderate” carbohydrates – oatmeal, vegetables, other cereals, pasta. In general, your diet of carbohydrates should not be more than 50%. This is a guarantee that the secretion of insulin will be optimal.

The natural ways to achieve the ANABOLIC EFFECT

1. Remove at least 30% of calories from fat .

2. Focus on sources of healthy fats (like plant foods and fish).

3. Take flaxseed oil as a dietary supplement if your diet lacks useful fats.

4. Consume at least 2 grams of protein per kg of your weight per day .

5. Focus on lean protein sources (such as fish, soy beans, lean beef, chicken breasts, low-fat cheese).

6. Focus on foods rich in starch (like beans, brown rice, lentils, potatoes, corn and oatmeal).

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