methenolone acetate

Methenolone acetate: reviews and course of the steroid

Methenolone acetate – a quick set of high-quality muscles

Among all the existing steroids, there are not so many mild AAS. Nevertheless, methenolone acetate bodybuilding is one of them. It has a slight androgenic activity – only 44%. While the anabolic effect is twice as much. The drug became widely known thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is an opinion that the bodybuilder made his enviable forms using only this medication. This fact has become another reason to buy Primobolan for many athletes. However, none of them regretted their choice.

Features of Methenolone acetate

of Primobol on the market of sports pharmacology. It is not subject to aromatization, which definitely pleases athletes. Taking an anabolic, you can forget about many estrogenic and androgenic side effects. However, no matter how mild the drug is, it is impossible to refuse PCT. Although compared to the more potent AAS, the therapy will be much easier.

methenolone acetate bodybuilding

The steroid is produced in two formats – injectable and oral. The latter form is popular with beginner bodybuilders. Tablets are easy to use and do not require special storage conditions. The basis of the oral preparation is the substance methenolone acetate. It has a short half-life of about 5 hours. Some may say that the price of methenolone acetate 25mg is too high. But it’s not. The fact is that, unlike other drugs, it practically does not harm the liver.

Action and administration

Often, methenolone acetate is taken as a solo course during the drying period. It allows you to effectively get rid of body fat and remove water from the muscles. In this case, the duration of admission is about 8 weeks. With a longer cycle, the risk of adverse effects increases. 2-3 days after the course is stopped, PCT should be started.

If you take the anabolic correctly, then the result will definitely please. As a result, the following effects can be observed:

  • increase in quality muscles;
  • preservation and maintenance of the gained weight;
  • removal of fluid from muscle tissue;
  • giving muscles stiffness and relief;
  • active fat burning.

In addition to solo use, the drug can also be combined with other AAS. Most often, for weight gain, it is combined with Nandrolone and Testosterone, and for drying – with Winstrol . Following the scheme of reception, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of both drugs and minimize their harm.

methenolone acetate 25mg

Side effects of methenolone acetate

The drug is considered one of the mildest anabolics in existence. It has many advantages and has long been loved by bodybuilders and athletes. When used correctly, it does not show a negative effect on the body. But if the dosage is exceeded or the course is too long, the following side effects may occur:

  • decreased synthesis of endogenous testosterone;
  • aggression – the influence of androgenic properties;
  • insomnia – for the same reasons as in the paragraph above;
  • increase in liver enzymes – at high dosages;
  • decrease in potency – is extremely rare;
  • baldness – if there is a predisposition to this.

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