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Post Cycle Therapy, which is used for the most rapid neutralization of negative influences from the work of the course of anabolic substances, is an inseparable reality of modern sports in general, and its strengths for example. Due to the fact that the anabolic, artificially created hormones have the quality to restrain their natural formation by the body autonomously, conducting Post Cycle Therapy is made almost in the trail behind each steroid course. However, the definition of post-course therapy does not mean that it is obligatory after completion of the course, during the use of some of the strongest anabolics, PCT drugs start right at the time of the course.


Post-course therapy is especially important, with the use of minor hormone levels or during the use of several anabolics in a variety of shapes. Due to the fact that it is important not only Steroïden kopen and use them, but also to save after the course health and beauty of the body.

Stoffen van anti-oestrogeen effect kunnen worden verdeeld in twee typen:

  1. Aromatase inhibitors. Gebruikt tijdens de periode en na afloop van de loop van anabolica, die een fenomeen aromatisering hebben.
  2. Blockers of estrogen receptors. They are used following the steroid course in order to resume the production of natural testosterone. Eliminate the negative effects after combinations of anabolics of the most significant complexity.

Estrogeenblokkers dienen in kleine hoeveelheden te worden gebruikt, om de concentratie van natuurlijke hormonen te handhaven.

Als u deze fondsen meer gedetailleerd analyseert, is het mogelijk om de eigenschappen van de meest gebruikte in de post-cursustherapiefondsen te identificeren:

  • Gonadotropin, prevents the manifestation of testicular atrophy. It is mainly used with anabolic intensified courses lasting more than 8 weeks.
  • Cabergoline inhibits the secretion of prolactin, is used during progestin courses, in particular, trenbolone. Used in the course of the course of steroids and after its termination.
  • Testosteron boosters, zijn bedoeld om de hormonale achtergrond in een natuurlijke toestand te brengen. Het gebruik begint na het einde van de cursus.
  • Hepatoprotectors, do not give the liver the undue influence of anabolic agents. They are consumed approximately a week after the start of the steroid course and end in half a month after the end of the steroid course.
  • Omega 3, dat wil zeggen visolie, vermindert de concentratie van cholesterol en bevordert de preventie van hart- en vaatziekten.
  • Peptides and growth hormone, reduce the likely rollback, eliminate the negative effects of many anabolics. Due to the high cost of growth hormones rarely used as post-course therapy.
  • Blockers of cortisol, reduce catabolism, allowing muscles to remain intact. It is used after the completion of the course of anabolic drugs and lasts about a month.
  • Tamoxifen or clomid, most commonly used in post-course therapy, funds, contribute to the formation of natural testosterone by the body by neutralizing the estrogen receptors. Do not use after nandrolone and trenbolone.

Goed advies: Advanced athletes, as well as doctors specializing in sports medicine, advise such a process as post-course therapy to produce even after anabolic preaparts a relatively mild effect on the body, in particular, turinabol or methane.


The most important positive result of carrying out restorative therapy will undoubtedly be that the organism, after an anabolic shake-up, returns to normal for itself and starts to act in a natural order for itself. In addition, it can be noted:

  1. Ga terug naar normaal van de algemene hormonale toestand.
  2. Vermindering van de kans op terugrol.
  3. Preventie van tekenen van gynaecomastie.
  4. Vermindering van de mogelijkheid van testulair atrofie tot nul.
  5. Preventie en vermindering van andere bijwerkingen.

To achieve the optimum content of hormones in the body is possible with the assistance of a variety of means, however, post-course therapy is mandatory. The preference for the best option depends on the personal parameters and experience of the athlete. The most profitable, but not every available will be a product of analysis on the hormonal balance, after any anabolic course. Other athletes will have to build on the knowledge and experience of advanced athletes.

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