Methandienone mondeling (Dianabol)

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Regardless of the experience of pharmacology, beginners and professionals converge in one: there are few funds on the market that would be more effective than methane. This is a time-proven steroid based on methandrostenolone, available in the form of tablets and ampoules for injections. With its help, you can collect about 8-10 kg of muscle mass, and this is only for a solo course.

In the Real Pump store you can buy Methandienone oral in both tablet and injection forms. We guarantee the authenticity of goods in the catalog, prompt delivery and reasonable cost.

Feit: Methane is known in the market under the names Danabol, Methandienone, Nerobol, Dianabol, Naposim and many others. It is produced in Moldova, Mexico, Romania, USA and Poland. The price varies from low to high categories depending on the manufacturer.


Met een methandienon mondeling kan een atleet op verschillende manieren een positief effect op het lichaam hebben:

  1. For muscles. Essential stimulation of growth by improving the synthesis of protein in the body. At the same time, strength increases, which has a positive effect on the strength results.
  2. For general health. Versterking van immuniteit, botten en gewrichten als gevolg van vloeistofopbouw, een lichte daling van het subcutane vet.
  3. For libido and appetite. Methandienone orale verhoogt de eetlust aanzienlijk en stimuleert libido.

Wat de chemische eigenschappen betreft, zijn de indicatoren als volgt: 200% en 50% anabole en androgene activiteit van testosteron, lage aromatisatie, gematigde toxiciteit voor de lever in injecties en hoog in tabletten.

Feit: in the Real Pump catalog you can find and Koop steroïden both on the basis of methane and other substances.


Bij het nemen van de remedie zijn er bijwerkingen in de vorm van gynaecomastie, overmatig vloeibare retentie in het lichaam, leverziekten bij het nemen van pillen, acne, haarverlies, verhoogde bloeddruk en verminderde libido na de cursus.

However, most often this is manifested by neglecting the recommended dosages, individual intolerance of the components or the presence of contraindications to admission. Therefore, before the start of the course, be sure to get a doctor’s consultation and examine your health.

Advies: to avoid side effects, you should take preventive measures and undergo a competent PCT. Similar preparations can be found in the pharmacy or ordered in our catalog.


Bij gebruik van methaan dienen de volgende aanbevelingen te worden nageleefd:

  • De optimale dosering van de tabletten is 30 mg per dag;
  • Verdeel de dagelijkse inname meerdere malen om hormonale veranderingen te voorkomen;
  • Om de toename van de bloeddruk te controleren
  • Be sure to undergo PCT at the end of the course. For these purposes, Tamoxifen is suitable;
  • In combinatie met andere geneesmiddelen is testosteron, Sustanon, Trenbolone, Primobolan het beste.

Feit: wij offer delivery both in States and in the cities of USA countries.


The positive feedback base for methane dates back to the 20th century, when it was used by eminent athletes in bodybuilding, light and heavy athletics. Today nothing has changed: it is used by both beginners and professionals. Both of them note excellent results in training for muscle mass and a minimal phenomenon of pullback, if you follow the rules of admission. Given the low prices and increased safety when taking the remedy is still one of the most effective in the market.

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