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Cipla Limited is a posh international (most importantly) Indian pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai. The Indian company specializes in the production of generics (approximately more than 1500 items). Cipla”s market base are such countries as: India, USA and South Africa.


The company (Cipla) was founded in 1935 under the name Chemical, the name was shortened to Cipla. In 1985, the company”s products were approved for the US market. In 2013, the South African company Medpro was bought. In 2015, two US-based companies were acquired: InvaGen Pharmaceuticals and Exelan Pharmaceuticals ( $550 million).

Owners and management

The company was founded by Khwaja Abdul Hamied (1898-1972). Since 1972, the head of the company has been occupied by his eldest son Yusuf Hamied (born July 25, 1936). The Hamied family, which owns 40% of the company”s shares, is one of the hundred richest people in India. For the release on the market of cheap analogues of popular drugs, in particular for the treatment of AIDS, Yusuf Hamied received the nickname “drug pirate”.


The company”s production facilities located throughout our planet.

Geographic distribution of revenue for fiscal year 2020/21:

India – 40%;

North America – 21%;

Africa – 18%;

New markets (Latin America, Asia-Pacific) – 10%;

Europe – 5%;

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