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Maxtreme pharma is a pharmaceutical company that was registered with one purpose, of course, the production and sale of preparations for bodybuilders and bodybuilders at an adequate price, but with the highest quality. One of the goals of this pharmaceutical company is, of course, the comparability of expensive drugs in the markets of our entire planet, available to people who buy drugs that cost normal money. The mission of Maxtreme pharma is to improve the environmental performance, increase the concentration of normal drugs in composition for little money. Maxtreme pharma is a company that cares about its customers and wants to do everything possible for them!


A GMP certificate is a compliance by a drug manufacturer with good practice.

Currently, in countries that control GMP in their territories, its rules are applied to check the following product categories:
medical products for their intended purpose, those used for diagnostic purposes;
food products and ingredients for their production;
biologically active additives.

At the same time, for coverage, it should be taken into account that the new version of GMP certification is a non-universal system widely used in the practice of standardizing medical care for the population. In addition to them, manufacturers working in such a field as pharmacy must comply with a set of rules, an association under the general name GxP:

GLP – Good Laboratory Practice (Good Laboratory Practice);
GCP – Good Clinical Practice (corresponding clinical practice);
GDP – Good Distribution Practice (Good Distribution Practice);
GACP – Good Farming and Harvesting Practice (Good Practice for Cultivation and Harvesting of Medicinal Plants).

Maxtreme pharma is GMP certified. This company manufactures a wide range of medicines.

Quality control

Maxtreme pharma manufactures medicines in accordance with BP/USP standards.
USP is a scientific non-governmental organization that sets US standards for medicines and pharmaceutical products. It was created in 1820.

The organization establishes quality standards for medicines, exercises control in the field of protection and veterinary medicine. These standards use control requirements and manufacturers to obtain the right to apply to bodies requiring the correct affiliation.

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