Methenolone acetate (Primobolan)

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The strongest androgenic effect on the athlete, has determined the colossal celebrity of the primobolan. Steroid means of injection use with minimal negative effects , gained earned fame. A huge number of new and experienced athletes, has stopped its preference on this drug and want to buy steroids, just this kind, bearing in mind also that the price for it corresponds to quality.


 As a reworked configuration of dihydrotestosterone, primobolan is transformed, with the help of an additional binary bond, by Carbon atoms 1 and 2. This modification allowed the drug to substantially increase its steroid characteristics. The addition of acetate components, serves to protect the liver from intoxication.

 On sale there is an injection variant of anabolic Primobolan Depot and its variant for oral use. The first most powerful effect on the athlete’s body. Primobolan is not distinguished by a sharp increase in the volume of muscle mass, but is accompanied by a high-quality ” drying “. Primobolan is mainly used to increase the attractive appearance and relief of muscle mass, as well as to increase the physical strength of the athlete. For primobolana is not typical manifestation of puffiness and the retention of excess water in the body, which facilitates a slow but high-quality increase in the volume of muscles. It, in turn, is saved for a long time, even after finishing the course of primobolana.


Anabolic drug, although it has a mild effect on the body, reveals an instant effect from eating, which includes the following points:

  1. There is a significant increase in the physical strength of the athlete.
  2. The speed of metabolic reactions and the synthesis of amino acids is also increasing.
  3. Accelerates the buildup of muscle mass.
  4. Subcutaneous and internal fat deposits are destroyed.
  5. The overall resistance of the body increases.
  6. Increases muscle density and elasticity.
  7. Improved relief and external musculature.
  8. The speed of anabolic processes is increasing.

The period necessary for restoring the body after the training process is lowered.

Despite the fact that instant and strong effects when applying primobolana, does not happen, the presented anabolic allows to achieve the qualitative consequences desired by the athlete.

 A significant positive achievement, acquired due to the use of this steroid, will be a significant increase in immunity, because primobolan, prescribed also to ease exacerbations of HIV infection.

Useful advice:  The quality of the steroid, and therefore the results obtained with the application of primobolana, are directly related to its originality. Having acquired a fake, the athlete not only will not achieve the desired goal, but perhaps thoroughly break his health. Therefore, buying anabolic, you need to carefully approach the search for a supplier, and the price must match the product.


 When injections primobolana, it is important to adhere to the exact rationing. The dose should contain approximately 100 milligrams of the drug injected intramuscularly, 3 times a week.

 Use this anabolic can both new and professional athletes. From the experience of the athlete depends on the dosage and the probability of combined use of primobolan. Following the use of the steroid, you can use the masteron, which, although considered an easy drug, when combined with primobolanom, even more significantly fixes the result, lowering the total proportion of excess water and reducing the total specific fat content in the body.

Helpful tip: The  athletes who take advantage of athletes notice the achievement of the desired effect when using a high-quality and genuine steroid. To buy anabolics, maybe in the pharmacy, but it’s good to use the services of experienced suppliers, information about which is on the Internet. A genuine drug can be bought not only in Moscow or other big cities, where its price is not greatly overstated. More detailed information about this can be found on our website.


 Knowing exactly the dosage of the drug used, you can minimize the extent of the appearance of negative effects. However, with an increase in dosage or an excessively long duration of administration, the following negative results may be found:

  1. The emergence of unmotivated aggression;
  2. Coarse voice;
  3. Increased body hair;
  4. Lowering the formation of natural testosterone by the body;
  5. Increase in the number of liver enzymes;
  6. Disturbance of the order of sleep.

 In exceptional episodes, testicular atrophy can be formed. If it is necessary to reduce the possibility of negative consequences, gonadotropin is recommended.

 In general, when compared with other anabolic agents, primobolan is excreted in the best way. For example, when used, there is no acute change in blood pressure and no increase in the concentration of negative cholesterol in the body.


Among experienced athletes, the most common form of injection is the use of a steroid drug, which brings the most visible and tangible result. As a significant factor, with a preference for anabolic, is a small number of negative effects from its use.

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