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Sunrise Remedies is a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer that produces a wide range of medicinal and Ayurvedic products for men and women. The company was founded in 1995 and has been providing consumers with high-quality drugs for more than a quarter of a century.

Sunrise production is concentrated in India, its products are one of the highest quality and most efficient, sold in thirty countries around the world. The manufacturer offers various preparations.

Production features

Sunrise Research Center and Factory is located in India. Before entering the production line, the product undergoes multi-stage tests, confirming the high quality of the components and their effectiveness. The products are manufactured on the basis of advanced equipment, which makes it possible to supply medicines to the world market that meet international requirements and standards. The development and manufacture of medicines are carried out by qualified specialists.


The priority direction of the company’s activity is the production of medicines. The principle of the funds is based on the desire to improve the quality of life of patients. Safe, high-quality components are used for manufacturing, and branded formulas provide a mild, but fast effect. Currently, products that have proven themselves on the positive side and have passed the test of time are in demand.

Medicines are presented in different forms: jelly-like, in the form of tablets and capsules, etc. They also differ in dosages, which makes it possible to choose a remedy that meets the characteristics of the patient’s condition.

The manufacturer is interested in the products being sold in many countries of the world, therefore, he focuses on the quality and effectiveness of medicines. A consistently high level of drugs makes it possible for many people to improve the quality of life, to enjoy life!

Sunrise medicines are certified according to the standard of the World Health Organization, which is a guarantee of the effectiveness and safety of the funds. The combination of impeccable quality and reasonable prices make the products of the Indian manufacturer world-famous.

To date, the corporation does not stop there and is confidently held among the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry. Due to competent management, quality control, the manufacturer is successfully moving forward in the core market.

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