Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)

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Due to its antiestrogenic action, Tamoxifen has also found application in a completely unexpected area – bodybuilding. The use of “pumping” steroid drugs can lead to a significant accumulation in their blood of the female hormone – estrogen. At the same time, the bodybuilder’s body begins to gradually lose its masculine shape, potency decreases, and breasts grow (gynecomastia).

The drug “Tamoxifen” for men is a good option to help fight the side effects of steroids. This tool in itself does not reduce the level of estrogen in the blood, but it prevents its harmful effects on men’s health. The drug, due to its complex effect on the body, increases the production of the male hormone – testosterone, which prevents the further occurrence of gynecomastia.

As evidenced by numerous male reviews, “Tamoxifen” significantly improves their potency, even if it was previously reduced. The advantage of this tool is that it contributes to the removal of fluid from the body, the delay of which provokes the use of steroids. For most bodybuilders, Tamoxifen is a wonderful antiestrogen, affordable and not too expensive. Tamoxifen patient reviews

But not everything is so simple here either. Pills start a very complex hormonal process in the body, contributing to an increase in the number of receptors for another female hormone – progesterone, and also negatively affecting the production of growth factor. Therefore, the use of Tamoxifen requires a responsible and very careful approach, as well as a competent combination with other medications.

The effect of the drug on general well-being

In addition to those already listed, taking Tamoxifen tablets is fraught with a number of undesirable manifestations. The patient should not be too afraid of possible troubles: it is not at all necessary that at least part of the symptoms will manifest itself in him. And yet you should be aware that sometimes depression can develop while taking the medicine.

Some patients felt headache and dizziness, some had cases of myasthenia gravis. Some patients complained of drowsiness and excessive fatigue.


The drug “Tamoxifen” is used with caution in eye diseases (cataracts), hyperlipidemia and leukopenia. This medication is undesirable for hypercalcemia and thrombocytopenia, severe thrombophlebitis and thromboembolic disease.


So, let’s try to bring together what numerous reviews testify to. “Tamoxifen”, of course, is a valuable, effective medicine that has already managed to save millions of human lives. And at the same time, it is a product with side effects.

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