Testosterone suspension

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Testosterone Suspension is an aqueous non-esterified testosterone for parenteral use. It is produced in the form of injectable preparations with an active substance concentration of ≈ 50-100 mg / ml.

Intrinsically testosterone suspension is characterized by potent androgenic and corresponding anabolic activity (identical to endogenous testosterone) with rapid action (half-life ≈ 24-48 hours) and high aromatization (conversion to estrogens).

Effects of testosterone suspension as a sports doping

Rapid set of muscle mass;
Fat burning;
Increased physical performance;
Increased stamina;
Growth of power indicators;
Acceleration of recovery processes.
In general, testosterone has an effect similar or close to testosterone propionate, therefore it is widely used in amateur and professional sports, and most importantly, it is considered relevant for virtually any sports discipline, from athletics to power sports.

In bodybuilding, testosterone suspension is connected mainly to strength and mass-gaining courses (due to high estrogenic activity, as a result, pronounced fluid accumulation, it is not the best choice for cutting courses, when the main task of athletes is to build high-quality muscles).

Judging by the reviews and practice of use, testosterone suspension is also one of the best pre-workout and pre-competition steroids: it is effectively used immediately before training or competition, respectively, to increase intensity or improve results. But it is important to remember the timing of the detection of a substance in doping tests: up to 1 month (presumably).

Side Effects Due to Testosterone Suspension

Androgen-related acne, increased aggression, excitability, baldness; estrogen-dependent water retention, gynecomastia; and other typical testosterone product disorders.

Because athletes are not using the steroid for its intended purpose, they are advised to be examined in advance to rule out potential contraindications and to consult a specialist to receive individual instructions.

How to use testosterone suspension?

Customer reviews describe the testosterone suspension mostly positively: it is a free water-based hormone, which means that if the concentration of the substance is 100 mg / 1 ml, then it contains exactly 100 mg / 1 ml of “pure testosterone” ( for comparison: testosterone enanthate has an average of 28 mg of ester per 100 mg of the substance, which gives only 72 mg of “pure testosterone”).

The recommended dosage of testosterone suspension for men does not exceed 200 mg with a frequency of administration per day / every other day. More often it is 50-100 mg per day, injected shortly before training (on non-training days – in the morning).

As a rule, such a powerful steroid as testosterone is not recommended for women, as it can provoke virilization: symptoms of masculinization of the body.

The course of application of testosterone suspension can effectively last up to 6-8 whole weeks. Longer than it, if put, then with caution, since it is likely to increase androgenic and estrogenic side effects: from the suppression of the HH function (hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles) to the development of gynecomastia (lipomastia) in men.

To achieve maximum results for sports purposes, it is preferable not to abuse, but to use the combined use of testosterone suspension. Depending on the tasks and tolerance by the body, it can be combined with oral turinabol, stanozolol, oxandrolone, methenolone, boldenone, nandrolone or other sports pharmacology that is relevant today / near sports pharmacology.

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