Stretching muscles after training

A few minutes of stretching exercises can fabulously accelerate the growth of your muscles.

Medieval Western civilization insisted on killing flesh, considering it a source of sinful desire. However, the yogis who lived at that time insisted on the exact opposite.

According to Hinduism, the body and mind are one whole, so the path to divine enlightenment lies through equally important mental and physical exercises.

The development of the body of yoga was paid no less attention than the education of the mystical properties of consciousness. The philosophy of yogis can be argued, but the main concept of Hinduism is confirmed by modern science: a high healthy spirit lives only in a healthy body.

Psoas muscle stretch

The poses of yogis amaze with their gymnastic complexity, but the main condition of preparedness is not physical strength, but amazing flexibility. This property of the body of yoga was given a truly divine meaning.

Strange as it may seem, but the materialistic scientists, who have undertaken to study the influence of flexibility on human health, have faced a number of inexplicable phenomena.

In particular, it turned out that the development of flexibility in mature people causes a distinct effect of rejuvenation! Regular training of flexibility improves the hormonal background of the body, increases intelligence and … potency!

psoas muscle stretch

When and why do stretching muscles

Exercises for stretching entail a powerful relaxation effect, so before strength training you can not stretch. (If only quite a bit.)

Time stretching – after training. Here, 10 minutes of thoughtful and competent stretching movements are enough to shorten the recovery period by 15-25%!

However, for a bodybuilder is more Psoas major muscle important than another. Strength exercises with time, enslave the joints. If you were a powerlifter, this could be called a positive phenomenon. The connective tissue coarsens, becomes thicker and thereby strengthens the joints.

However, in bodybuilding, on the contrary, loss of flexibility reduces the amplitude of exercise.

 should you stretch a pulled muscle

And this prevents your muscles from growing!

According to the latest scientific concept, the growth of muscle volumes is dictated by a simple physical stretching of the membranes of muscle fibers.

These shells have a large margin of elasticity. Under the action of repeated repetitions, pumping blood into the working muscle, each fiber thickens, stretching its outer shell. Then the blood spills, and the elastic corset of the shell shrinks, returning the fiber to its previous volume.

As you know, the water grinds the stone. Many years of training exhaust the resource of elasticity of the connective shells of fibers, and they gradually begin to stretch. As a result, the fibers become thicker and thicker, like a bicycle wheel under the action of a pump.

What happens is what is called the growth of muscle volumes. If the process is not supported by regular “pumping”, the muscles turn into a punctured tire.

Since we are talking about the scale of the microworld, stretching the shells takes years. For example, the path to the pros takes about 10 years.

How to stretch chest muscles

And now listen! It turns out that the biological mechanism that compresses the diameter of the fibers can be prevented! To do this, you just need to stretch your working muscle!

Think about yourself, before the mechanism of elasticity resisted only the transverse expansion of the fibers, well, now it will be forced to resist also longitudinal stretching. And this means that the compression forces are significantly weakened!

In short, to one kind of stretching you will add another. It is clear that this progress will be faster.

Regularly practice stretching working muscles after training (and even between sets), and you will get a real acceleration in the growth of muscle volumes!

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