Superdrol (methyldrostanolone): the complete review

A powerful anabolic steroid (methyldrostanolone) that has never been produced as a medical drug. Studied in the medical literature from 1960 to 1965. Apart from this very short period of mention of the steroid in the literature, methyldrostanolone was forgotten the rest of the time. Only recently has it re-emerged on the US anabolic steroid market. According to the chemical formula, it is close to masteron.

In its chemical structure, it is very close to Masteron (drostanolone). Add methyl to the chemical formula of masteron group 17 alpha, methyldrostanolone is obtained, which is not destroyed by the liver and exhibits high activity. Just like his father, Masteron is not subjected to aromatization. Both drugs retain high anabolic activity. So if we compare methyldrostanolone with superdrol dosage. Pharmacological studies have shown with the same androgenic index, methyldrostanolone is 4 times more active.


Dosing regimen

Effective dosages for men in bodybuilding are 10-20mg. At this dosage, the drug exhibits a pronounced anabolic effect. At the same time, high-quality muscle mass is gained, most of which can be saved after the course. The intake of methyldrostanolone while following a diet is accompanied by a loss of body fat and the manifestation of pronounced muscles.

The most effective anabolic dose is considered to be 30 mg per day. Higher dosages cause liver toxicity. As a general rule, the best result with a minimum of side effects is observed when taking 20 mg per day plus some highly anabolic injectable drug like nadrolone or boldenone.

Since the drug has a high anabolic index with a weak androgenic index, methyldrostanolone can be used by women along with such drugs as winstrol and primobolan. According to the ratio of anabolic and androgenic effect, superdrol has the closest effect to oxandrolone.

Athletes have a delusion that, having methyl group 17 alpha methyldrostanolone is less toxic to the liver than methandienone and stanazolol. In fact, all of these drugs are equally hepatotoxic.

superdrol side effects

Methyldrostanolone Side effects

Apart from the fact that superdrol side effects is an extremely strong compound, it can be very toxic to the liver. This is the main reason why most people stay away from it.

Do not abuse the use of the drug methyldrostanolone for more than 4 to 6 weeks. Also, it would be a good idea to do a blood test before your cycle. This way you will be able to see what effect methyldrostanolone can have.

Methyldrostanolone can also cause water retention. Plus, it will also suppress your natural testosterone levels just like other AAS.

This means that you will also need post cycle therapy (PCT) such as Nolvadex or Clomid.

Effect of application

Superdrol also reduces recovery time. This means that those taking Superdrol may be able to lift weights faster than usual after their last workout. It”s almost impossible to overtrain while taking Superdrol, and more time in the gym means more muscle mass. In addition, Superdrol also increases the duration and quality of your workouts. The rest time between sets is reduced because the muscles do not need as much time as usual to recover. With more workouts longer and more effective, it”s pretty easy to see how Superdrol can help someone build muscle.

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