Tamoxifen or Clomid – what to choose

Clomid and tamoxifen are very actively used in bodybuilding, but at the same time, most athletes prefer the first drug. Tamoxifen for them is a fallback and is used, as a last resort. Let’s find out what this is connected with.

Drug Comparison

If we consider the molecular structure of these antiestrogens, we can conclude that they are similar. Therefore, they have similar properties, but are not identical. If you delve into the essence of the matter, it turns out that tamoxifen is more powerful than clomid.

Actually this explains the rather strong discrepancy in the recommended dosages. If you need to take clomid in an amount of from 50 to 100 milligrams, then 10-30 milligrams of tamoxifen will be enough to get a similar result. A related fact is that tamox  continues to be actively used in medicine today in the treatment of breast cancer.

Estrogens are the main enemies of the bodybuilder

It is clear that tamoxifen alone will not be enough to defeat breast cancer. However, we are now more concerned about the effectiveness of the two drugs in the fight against female hormones. The concentration of estrogen increases sharply, not only due to aromatization, but also due to a decrease in the production of male hormone.

As a result, we observe a vicious circle – a low concentration of testosterone leads to an increase in estrogen levels, and when there are a lot of female hormones, the rate of testosterone production drops even more. A similar situation is observed in the body of men after fifty years, and they, by the way, also do not interfere with antiestrogens.

However, it is worth returning to our main question. Both antiestrogens are representatives of the triphenylethylene group of drugs. They are characterized by low estrogenic activity. In addition, another common feature is the ability to bind to estrogen receptors and thereby block the effects of estradiol on the body.

We have already noted that tamoxifen is superior in strength to clomid, including in this matter. Moreover, tamox significantly blocks estradiol receptors in comparison with clomid. Recently, Clomid in sports circles is increasingly talked about as a tool that can accelerate the recovery process after an AAC cycle. In this case, Clomid is able to show excellent results.

The effect of tamoxifen on testosterone concentration

It is quite obvious that now we are talking about endogenous male hormone, which after a cycle of anabolics may not be synthesized at all. Let’s take a close look at this and look at the results of a scientific study conducted in 1978. Today, almost no one remembers him, although it is not entirely clear what this is connected with. The experiment involved people in whom the hormonal background is normal. And also having problems with it.

With a daily dosage of 20 milligrams, tamoxifen was able to raise the concentration of natural male hormone immediately by 40 percent from the initial level. To get similar results, clomid had to be used in an amount of 150 milligrams.

In addition, it is worth mentioning another interesting point. All sex hormones in our body are bound by globulin and cannot be active. Tamoxifen cannot increase the level of globulin, unlike clomid, which suggests an increase in the concentration of testosterone in the free state. However, the same can be said about estradiol, which will also become more active.

Advantages and disadvantages of tamoxifen

Let’s look at a few more positive properties inherent in tamoxifen. Let’s start with its ability to increase the concentration of high density lipoprotein structures, which we know as good cholesterol. As a result, rice development of diseases of the vascular system or heart muscle is reduced.

Tamoxifen is a fairly mild drug that exhibits significant estrogenic activity in the liver. This has a positive effect not only on the work of this organ, but also on the whole organism. In addition, tamox is safer in comparison with clomid. It has long been proven that prolonged use of clomid can have a negative effect on the functioning of the organs of vision. However, it is worth emphasizing especially – long-term use.

However, tamoxifen also has a rather serious drawback – suppression of IGF secretion processes. Clomid has no such effect. We do not urge you to use this or that drug without fail, but just wanted to talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

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