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Testosterone suspension: a complete review of the drug

Testosterone suspension is an exceptionally professional drug that ­makes sense to use, either for powerlifters or weightlifters who have to undergo doping control. In bodybuilding, testosterone suspension is practically not used, because it simply does not make sense. On the one hand, it is more difficult to use the drug, it hurts to put it in, it’s even difficult to draw it into a syringe, on the other hand, the effect of it is the same as that of enanthate when it comes to gaining muscle ­mass. The whole joke of the suspension is that testosterone suspension cycle crystallized in water is very quickly excreted from the body. If you cancel the drug 40-50 days before passing the doping control, you will pass it. But be aware that steroids do have side effects.

Testosterone suspension is used not only in heavy sports; this drug is ­an integral part of the preparation of any athlete preparing for international competitions. It should be noted that, nevertheless, “flight” is possible, since crystallized buy testosterone suspension sometimes forms a capsule right under the skin, which is expressed in characteristic bumps. The problem is that sooner or later the capsules open and the dough enters the bloodstream, well, and then follows the disqualification and other joys of “flight”. To avoid this, you can try to put testosterone in different places, and not just peck your ass with a needle, and also use methods that speed up blood circulation. For example, you can draw a grid with iodine at the injection site, or use other traditional medicine methods.

Characterization of Testosterone Suspension

The suspension is the purest how to make testosterone suspension, which is suspended in water in the form of ­crystals. No oils, no foreign matter, just dough and water! It goes without saying that the anabolic and steroid profiles of the drug are 100%. The drug can be called ultrashort, since the half-life of the suspension is only a couple of hours, and the ” pool ­life ” is 1-2 days, and therefore, the drug must be administered daily. Injections are ­accompanied by some difficulties due to the fact that the dough can settle at the bottom of the ampoule. In order for it to be normally drawn into the syringe, the ampoule must be gently shaken, stirring the substance. It is very important to avoid the formation of bubbles, so you can simply roll the ampoule in your fingers, but this is all done slowly and carefully.

buy testosterone suspension

From the foregoing, a very important conclusion can already be drawn: testosterone suspension acts ­instantly, and PCT can be started immediately after drug withdrawal. All this allows you ­to add well on the course and avoid the rollback phenomenon. Of course, you should not expect a miracle, at the end of the course you will still lose some meat in strength indicators, but these losses will be minimal. Naturally, if you combine the suspension with long ethers, then its presence in the course will lose all meaning. As a rule, “compote” is brewed from turik or propionate. The goal of the course is usually to increase ­strength indicators. On average, athletes of a fairly high level in 6-8 weeks manage to add about 50kg in the top three. An increase in muscle mass from 2 to 10 kg, which is associated with the goals of the athlete and, accordingly, his diet.

Side effects

The side effects of the suspension are the same as those of all other androgenic ­anabolic steroids, but, as Denzil Washington’s character said in the movie ­Training Day, “nothing comes for free”! It goes without saying that here, too, there were lovers to ­rave about the ­fact that the suspension does not affect the pituitary-hypothalamus-testis arch, which is ­complete nonsense. Honestly, it is not clear who invents this nonsense? Any exogenous testosterone suppresses the secretion of endogenous, it’s just the law! Acne ­, gyno , ­baldness ­, the phenomenon of virilization in women, hair growth all over the body in men – all these are inevitable consequences of taking any androgenic anabolic steroids . Yes, in those with a higher androgenic profile, these side effects are more pronounced, but they are ­present in courses of even weak androgens.

testosterone suspension cycle

How to put testosterone suspension

Duration of the course: from 6 to 8 weeks, with the withdrawal of the drug no later than 6 weeks ­before the start.
Dosages: from 50 to 100 mg per day, but there are exceptions when the numbers ­reach astronomical values and cause pain even at the mere thought of them.
Frequency of dosages: daily dosages are mandatory, which, by the way, ­makes the drug meaningless for bodybuilders, that is, it will certainly work, but the course of the suspension will be associated with extra hemorrhoids.
Compote: always with short airs, since long airs completely kill the whole ­karmic meaning of the course, and it turns out that the athlete just jerked off his ass with a needle.

Solo course: 50-100 mg per day, duration 6-8 weeks, PCT can be carried out immediately after ­drug withdrawal, such a course may be suitable for those who are preparing for competitions.
Strength course: 50-100mg per day and turinabol 50mg per day, duration 8 weeks, PCT can also be done the next day after stopping the drugs.
Course for strength: 50-100 mg per day and 100 mg of propionate every other day, duration 8 weeks, PCT is carried out at the end of the course.
Heading for mass: a thing absolutely meaningless and deeply wrong, but, in ­principle, you can use any course from the above for this purpose.

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