The best drugs to increase potency in men

Erectile dysfunction is one of those health conditions that are not usually talked about out loud. However, do not be ashamed of problems with potency – they are, in most cases, reversible. The sooner a man receives a doctor’s consultation and begins treatment, the sooner the positive effects will be noticeable.

An important role in the restoration of potency is played by a trusting relationship with a partner. Therefore, this article will also be useful for women whose partners have experienced difficulties in bed. To provide your man with comprehensive support, you need to understand this delicate topic well.

Top 5 main causes of potency disorders

Erection problems are based on psychological or organic causes, which are often combined with each other.

  • Stress and psychological problems

The influence of the emotional factor on libido is often underestimated due to the fact that men are forced to hide experiences within themselves. The representatives of the stronger sex are still assigned the functions of a breadwinner and a protector, while male potency drugs society expects them to be firm in any troubles of life and does not accept men’s tears.

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A long stay in the mode of increased psycho-emotional stress leads to the exhaustion of the nervous system, which in itself does not favor intimacy. In addition, against the background of chronic stress, the biochemistry of internal processes changes: a large amount of cortisol is produced, which inhibits the production of testosterone.

It happens that short-term erection problems lead to an anxious expectation of new failures. If these are repeated, erectile dysfunction becomes more pronounced, and the fear of another fiasco closes the circle.

At the same time, acute stress, which is not associated with severe shocks and losses, can have a positive effect on potency. This is probably why men subconsciously choose hobbies associated with risk and extreme sports. The feeling of victory serves as an additional powerful incentive for sexual exploits. Often, couples who experience a mutual decrease in attraction are recommended to go on an extreme vacation together.

  • Cardiovascular diseases

The quality of an erection depends on the blood supply to the penis. In its structure there are cavernous bodies, which are less intensively supplied with blood at rest. At the moment of excitation, the blood flows intensely to them through the dilated arteries, due to which the organ enlarges.

Venous patency can be impaired, for example, as a result of atherosclerosis or thrombosis. The development of erectile dysfunction is also accompanied by arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease.

  • Hormonal disorders

This includes diabetes mellitus, which is at the junction of vascular and endocrine pathologies that affect potency.

Erection problems can develop against the background of a decrease in testosterone production. The production of the most important male hormone begins to naturally decrease after 30 years, but without concomitant factors this is not critical.

In the male body, there are also typically “female” hormones (estrogen, prolactin), although in small quantities. When they become more than normal, there is a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction. The body takes on a more feminine shape due to the fact that fat is deposited in the abdomen, sides and thighs. In the most extreme cases, gynecomastia develops – an increase in the mammary glands.

  • Bad habits

The desire to maintain potency for as long as possible is a good reason to give up addictions. Nicotine causes vasospasm, which prevents normal blood supply to the penis and the achievement of a stable erection.

The systematic use of alcohol also leads to sexual impotence. Alcohol disrupts the liver and metabolism, causing hormonal imbalances.

A sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition can also be attributed to bad habits that negatively affect libido.

Contrary to popular belief, the age factor is not the determining factor in the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Problems with potency overtake both mature men and

Viagra: the story of one side effect

Viagra pill is the most famous potency stimulant in the ranking of similar drugs. The trade name has become a household name for a group of similar medicines. But initially, sildenafil (the active component of Viagra) was developed and studied as a drug for the treatment of cardiac pathologies associated with circulatory disorders in the myocardium.

What is viagra? As it turned out, the drug had no significant effect on either the heart or blood pressure. But the side effect in the form of improved potency interested both the subjects who took the drug and doctors. Blue pills have made a real revolution, because before Viagra, only injections and implants were used.


  • The drug is effective only with sexual arousal.
  • Tablets are taken orally one hour before sexual intercourse. For most patients, the optimal dosage is 50 mg. The safe maximum dosage is 100 mg/ day. With a therapeutic purpose for long-term administration, a minimum dose of 25 mg is prescribed.
  • The tool can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction only by male patients over 18 years of age. It is not recommended to drink for women to enhance libido.

To date, many effective generics with sildenafil have appeared, buy Viagra cheaply and, in general, are not inferior to the original in quality.

How to increase potency without pills and side effects: 3 good ways

  1. Eat natural aphrodisiacs . The sexual function of men is well influenced by seafood, quail eggs, onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds, herbs and spices (parsley, basil, pepper, etc.).
  2. Go in for sports, giving preference to exercises that help restore blood circulation in the groin and pelvic organs – squats, walking and running, swinging legs, swimming, etc.
  3. If there are no inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular and other pathologies, you can try the practice of a contrast shower. Alternate use of cold and hot water will help keep the vessels in good shape.

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