The best steroid cycles for all body types

Not all athletes are willing to experiment with steroids and want to know exactly which drugs can be most effective for them. At the same time, they are sure that their body type has a serious effect on the choice of anabolic drugs. They often ask the best cycles. However, there are also those who, after the advice of colleagues in the hall, spent a couple of cycles, but besides the side effects, did not get other results.

The main differences between body types

 Surely you are familiar with three types of physique, but it will not be superfluous to recall this:

  • Endomorphs are prone to gaining fat mass, and drying cycles are given to them with great difficulty, since the body does not want to easily part with its energy reserves.
  • Ectomorphs – have serious problems with gaining muscle mass, but they lose it very quickly, even in conditions of good nutrition.
  • Mesomorphs are the optimal body type for bodybuilding.

It should be recognized that in their pure form, these types practically do not occur. However, one of them necessarily prevails. If you want to progress, be sure to consider this factor when drawing up training and nutrition programs. Endomorphs, we additionally recommend taking tests, because in their body the level of estrogen is often increased, but the male hormone may be in short supply. In addition, insulin resistance should not be ruled out.

Ectomorphs can also have problems with testosterone concentrations. Even if this indicator is in the normal range, it is often linked by a protein structure – globulin. Mesomorphs have much less problems, but they can occur. Today we will talk about three options for anabolic cycles, which are structured depending on the type of physique.

Also note that before the start of the cycle you should have a press visible. The optimal duration of the mass collection cycle is three months. Shorter cycles are most often less effective. Muscles just do not have enough time for quality growth.

Examples of cycles for each body type


Without fail, you will need testosterone ester, and propionate will be the best choice. Bet every second day at 50 or 100 milligrams. If you are extremely negative about injections, then stop the choice on the enanthate dough. This drug can be put once a week in an amount of 0.25 grams. Immediately warn that the dosages indicated by us cannot be exceeded.

A great addition to the ether of the male hormone can be boldenone or primobolan. The weekly dosage of the first drug is 0.6 grams, and the second from 0.4 to 0.6 grams. Both anabolics are quite safe, but at the same time they do an excellent job. Choose any of them.

Use two injectable AAS throughout the cycle. You can’t do without tablet preparations. Turinabol should be taken during the first six weeks. This drug does not convert to estrogen and is not able to retain fluid in the body. Just in case, have anastrozole on hand, which will quickly reduce the concentration of estrogen if necessary. From a sports meal, choose BCAA (no more than 80 grams per day), foods with slow carbohydrates. As well as whey protein in the morning and after class.


An enanthate dough with a weekly dose of 0.5 grams will be a great choice for thin guys. It is obvious that anastrozole should always be kept ready. The second injection drug can be nandrolone phenylpropionate. Every third day, put 0.1 grams. Also prepare cabergoline to suppress a possible high concentration of prolactin. In addition to nandrolone phenyl, boldenone can be used, with a weekly dose of 0.6 grams.

But primobolan will definitely not help you progress. Also, during the first month, you can take 30 or 40 milligrams of methane every day. If we talk about sports nutrition, then these are definitely classic weight gainers. Moreover, you can use not only supplements with fast carbohydrates, but even a small amount of fat. Take the supplement twice a day, and be sure to take it once after class. Whey protein will have to be drunk often, the size of one serving is 20 or 30 grams. Before going to bed, take casein.


A great choice for these guys would be the testosterone enanthate (0.5 grams weekly), as well as trenbolone acetate (0.1 grams every second day). If you can’t tolerate frequent injections, then use a long tren – parabolan. Both steroids take the entire cycle. You can refuse tablet preparations and preserve the liver. Keep cabergoline close by, although mesomorphs rarely have prolactin problems. From sports nutrition, we recommend only BCAA, but to the maximum.

Also, athletes with any type of physique should use an additional omega-3, micronutrient complexes and glutamine. The last supplement is recommended only if available financial means. If the budget is organic, you can not use it.

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