The cycle of steroids on weight

The cycle of steroids for weight involves taking anabolic steroids (anabolics). Substances are directed to muscle fibers, causing muscle hypertrophy. They take anabolics responsibly and under the supervision of a doctor, because the whole range of side effects has not yet been studied. Teenagers are not allowed to use doping.

Anabolic drugs should be taken only when the muscles feel a return from physical exertion, and the body is used to changes in the training process and diet. Below are described in detail the cycles of steroids, varieties of techniques, features, basic drugs and the rules for their administration.

What are the cycles of steroids

Anabolic substances are used in special cycles and alternate with a recovery period.

Depending on the duration of the cycles, there are the following types:

  • short – from 2 to 4 weeks;
  • long – from 6 to 8 weeks.

They also vary depending on the amount of drugs taken:

  • simple – 1 type of anabolic;
  • combined – from 2 to 3 different substances.

The safest cycle of steroids on weight consists solely of one testosterone. In this case, the likelihood of side effects is minimized, and the body is not overloaded with pharmacological drugs.

Anabolic programs consisting of one substance are also considered safe.

Short cycles of steroids per mass are considered effective and harmless to the body. Anabolics contribute to the growth of muscle tissue and increase strength indicators in the shortest possible time. If the dose size is correctly selected and observed, side effects are not observed. To improve the result of taking the drugs, it is recommended to abandon fried and fatty foods, engage in cardio and add niacin and linseed oil to the diet. In one cycle, you can gain up to 5 kg of muscle mass.

Reception of anabolics has such characteristic as rollback. The smaller it is, the better the effectiveness of doping. All cycles of steroids on weight with minimal rollback provide for quick recovery of the nervous and hormonal systems. If the cycle of taking anabolics was long, the body will need more energy to restore battery life. The longer post-cycle therapy lasts, the greater the rollback of results.

What you need to know before the cycle

Taking pharmacological drugs involves supplying the body with testosterone with changes in the molecules. On the one hand, it is necessary to increase the rate of muscle growth, restore the body, and on the other hand, taking anabolic drugs reduces the production of one’s own sex hormone.

The body responds to excess testosterone and ceases to produce it on its own. If the tendency persists for too long, the testicular functions atrophy and do not fulfill the role intended by nature. If you do not stop in time, it is impossible to restore the functioning of the sex glands. The problem gradually develops into a reproductive disease. Therefore, taking anabolics is recommended only under the supervision of a doctor. Before the start of the cycle, it is necessary to pass tests and check the indicators of the body.

List of checked parameters:

  • luteal hormone;
  • follicle-stimulating hormone;
  • estradiol;
  • pralactin;
  • testosterone is general and free;
  • FST and FLT;
  • bilirubin;

Based on the tests received, the doctor will help you choose an individual cycle that does not harm your health and allows you to quickly recover after the end of the appointment.

How to choose the right steroid cycles

The choice of steroid programs depends on the experience of the athlete and the type of physique. Beginners are only allowed to use testosterone without additional drugs. If we talk about the second cycle of steroids on weight, most athletes begin to combine substances for greater effect. Understanding the features of taking anabolics and the effectiveness of their combination, it is easy to achieve the desired result.

Experienced athletes who know the reaction of the body, use ready-made cycles of steroids to the mass. Such programs allow you to pre-evaluate the effectiveness of the application due to research from the manufacturer or the experience of previous athletes.

Beginner Cycle

Beginners are advised to avoid oral medications and give preference to injections. Despite reviews of low toxicity and suppression, most athletes report lethargy and low mental activity. Many oral athletes experience low mood and low motivation.

The first cycle of steroids on weight for a beginner should be clean and without additional drugs. Initially, the body’s reaction to external testosterone is tested, and only then it is recommended to use other pharmacological solutions. Not knowing the possible side effects from one drug, you can harm the body. Also, when choosing the first cycle, they pay attention to the period of ether semi-adsorption – the time until the drug enters the bloodstream. Beginners are advised to use long esters, which reduces the number of injections to two per week.

Training on a steroid mass cycle is subject to all the laws that apply to ordinary athletes. The main difference is in the direction – intensity or volume. In the first case, it is necessary to bring the muscles to failure, use large working weights, and in the second, increase the number of sets and reps to pump up the muscles.

Combined cycles

It is most effective to apply a cycle of steroids to lean muscle mass in combination with other drugs. Combination cycles are suitable for all purposes. They suggest a large load on the body, therefore, a doctor’s consultation on the choice of drugs is necessary. Some substances can positively affect muscles, while others can negatively affect the body.


It should be understood that taking more than 2 steroids per cycle increases the chances of side effects.

The main options for combined cycles:

  • Testosterone and Deca. Taking nandrolone decanoate (soundboard) is not recommended for people of age. The drug can lead to sexual dysfunction and breast enlargement.
  • Testosterone and methane. The simplest and most effective method to increase the strength of beginners with a minimum of side effects. Assumes 2 injections per week due to long esters.
  • Methane and deck. Suitable for experienced athletes, but due to the presence of a soundboard, it is not recommended for people over 30 years old.
  • Testosterone and Trenbolone. An option for experienced athletes, which is not recommended to be used more often than twice a year. The combination is suitable for mass gain , but increased activity, sweating, baldness and acne are distinguished from side effects.

A training program on a cycle of steroids on weight increases the effectiveness of taking anabolics. For better growth of strength indicators and muscle mass, athletes adhere to the daily regimen, including nutrition, sleep and training. Also, increased training intensity means that muscles require more energy and nutrients. For the recovery process, the diet contains a large amount of protein.

Post-cycle therapy (PCT)

Taking steroids and artificially raising the level of testosterone leads to the fact that it is necessary to use special drugs to restore the normal functioning of body functions. The approach to PCT is individual and depends on the duration of the cycle, its composition and the side effects that have arisen.

To restore the hormonal system and preserve the results obtained, use:

  1. Testosterone boosters are tamoxifen, ecdysterone, or aromatase inhibitors. The drugs increase the body’s natural production of testosterone and accelerate the PCT process.
  2. Sports Nutrition – Protein and BCAAs are used to suppress muscle catabolism in large quantities , which help preserve muscle.
  3. Growth hormone – allows you to minimize the rollback after abandoning anabolics and save the resulting form. The hormone has a powerful anabolic effect and enhances protein synthesis.

The focus is on sex hormones and their return to natural balance. Only having restored its own production of testosterone, the body returns to normal and the rollback stops.

Overview of popular drugs

  • Testosterones are the most common and safe group of anabolics. It contributes to the growth of muscle mass, the accumulation of water in tissues and the burning of fat. Minimal rollback.
  • Methane is a popular steroid that, in a month and a half of administration, can gain up to 10 kg of muscle mass. After the cycle, 20-40% of the result is lost depending on the quality of the PCT.
  • Deca – high anabolic properties and low probability of side effects. Due to the female nature of the substance, it is not recommended to use it for people of the age, since libido decreases, and a flaccid erection becomes.
  • Trenbolone is one of the strongest steroids, which in 2 months allows you to increase weight by 10 kg. There is an increase in strength indicators, fat burning and an increase in libido.
  • Turinabol is a methane-like drug that does not retain fluid in the body. Although the effectiveness is lower than that of other anabolics, the problem is offset by minimal kickbacks.

Body type selection of steroids

The choice of steroids depends on the type of physique of the person. For thinner people, preparations are necessary for the growth of both muscle and weight, and for a large physique, an increase in volume and dry mass is required. The most effective is the cycle of steroids for weight for ectomorph, since it is difficult for people with such a physique to increase body weight. For greater effect during the use of steroids, nutritional supplements are used.

Consider the main options:

  • Since people with such a physique easily gain fat and weight, they are recommended to use testosterone propionate or enanthate. Both drugs contain monoesters that are easy to control.
  • Athletes with a pronounced form of muscle are recommended to take tetosterone enatant and anastrozole. Additionally, trenbolone, methane or oxymethanol are used.

Ectomorph. The difficulty in gaining muscle mass is offset by testosterone enanthate and anastrozole. Anabolics such as nandrolone and phenylpropionate are also combined.

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