The general concept of a steroid bridge

To date, there are about five hundred recommendations regarding how to properly start and end your cycle. And if earlier recommendations for the use of gonadotropin were limited to what the latter was advised to use after the cycle, now many researchers advise taking it both in the middle and at the beginning of the cycle. However, we will not go this far and consider the issue regarding the “bridge” on time and after the cycle.

In this case, “bridge” means a smooth increase in the dosage of steroids during the beginning of the cycle and their same smooth decrease towards the end of this cycle. Why’s that? The reader will ask. And all because the researchers came to such conclusions is far from simple. The fact is that our body adapts very quickly to any medications. That is why the very peak of progress from the use of steroids falls on the first month of their use. Further, our receptors are clogged. At the same time, hepatic indices increase, which again has a bad effect on the perception of steroids by the body. All this together leads to the fact that our body ceases to perceive steroids.

There is a state in which there seems to be no rollback, but no progress is observed at all … What does an athlete do to avoid stagnation? Correctly! Increases dosage. Nowadays, for many beginners, the cycle resembles that of Mr. Olympia. No kidding. But why then is the progress different in both? It’s all about the approach. Any professional bodybuilder begins his cycle of small dosages. And he does not raise them at all when he wants, but when stagnation occurs. Further, various combinations of steroids are already used, including the use of insulin and growth hormone. It is a smooth increase in the dosage of steroids that do not allow our receptors to adapt to them so quickly. The same applies to the smooth reduction of dosages closer to the end of the steroid cycle.

What happens when we abruptly break the cycle?

Testosterone begins to plummet down. Long testosterone esters only partially solve the problem here. But if we lowered our dosages smoothly, the body would have to adapt to the fact that it would be time to tune in to the fact that our body needs to start producing its testosterone again. Thus, the restoration of their own testosterone would be accelerated, and side effects from them would, on the contrary, decrease.

Remember the movie “Areas of Darkness”? In it, the main character was dependent on a magic pill, the rejection of which instantly led to his death. In order not to die, he had to smoothly lower the dosage of the pill until the body adapted to live without it. Thus, the “bridge” on the cycle and towards the end of the cycle has a scientific background.


Now you should consider the issue of the “bridge” between the cycles of steroids. Personally, I do not believe in the usefulness of such bridges. This is a kind of an eternal cycle and a slow but sure clogging of your own receptors.

For whom may the “perpetual cycle” be relevant?

For athletes who go on stage twice a year. But even they take a month, or even two breaks from steroids. You need to understand that due to such a phenomenon as “muscle memory” you can recover lost very quickly. However, when it comes to the fact that the athlete’s contract assumes that he must be in excellent shape all year round, the “ perpetual steroid cycle ” becomes a very relevant topic. Variation of dosages on the “eternal cycle” is the very “bridge” between the hens of anabolic steroids.

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